Consolidated Reporting
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Consolidated Reporting


Many of our clients have asked for a detailed analysis of all their family equity and fixed income investments. To answer this need, Kings Point Capital Management created WealthScope™, a consolidated reporting analysis. This product aggregates all client investments (regardless of custodian) into one simple report. WealthScope™ allows customized manager benchmark analysis, consolidated reporting and portfolio analysis at the manager and security level. Complete customization is available, including detailed accounting (for tax loss), exposures and a time weighted (TWR) calculation regardless of manager, custodian or brokerage firm.

advent logoKings Point Capital Management clients use a variety of custodians. To facilitate cross-custodian asset reporting, Kings Point Capital Management uses Advent, a high level portfolio accounting system that is managed internally.

adventIn cases where we are not able to get direct custodian access, ByAll is a data aggregator making it possible to pull in daily price data from multiple custodians to create a consolidated asset reporting statement.