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Kings Point Capital Management works with institutions such as endowments, foundations and trust companies. We provide advisory and institutional portfolio management.

Kings Point Investment Strategies

Dividend Growth Portfolio

Predominantly large cap portfolio focused on dividend growth.  Target lower volatility and higher yield than the S&P 500. Tax efficient, low turnover.

Core Portfolio

Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) all-capitalization equity strategy, tax efficient, low turnover.

Master Limited Partnerships

Focus on midstream energy transportation pipelines with “toll-road” business models.  Higher yields than traditional equities with unique tax structures. 

Cash Secured Put Writing

A put writing strategy on individual securities that is secured by cash balances and takes advantage of both market volatility and flat market environments.

Fixed Income

Individually selected bond positions combined in a portfolio to match a client’s duration and income needs.  Research driven process to identify individual bonds, generally with high coupons and callable structures.

Preferred Shares

Yield securities, primarily from financial institutions.

Cash Management

Large cash balances managed by purchasing investment grade bonds with duration of 6-24 months.

Alternative Investments

Private investment opportunities that are uncorrelated with the public markets.

To learn more about any of our institutional strategies, please contact us.